East End Facelift

A local builder was left with multiple yards of extra gravel from a previous contractor and they wanted to get creative at the very tight end of a construction budget and timeline. I’m flattered that they called me.

Patiovore set up new garden beds along the front of the house with perennial tall grasses as the background, a row of alternating odahal salvias and bicolor leucanthas in front of the grasses in all their lovely silvery lavender spiky-blossom glory, and a row of herbs in front of those – oregano, thyme, lavender and rosemary (there are other herbs available at our local garden stores now, but these are guaranteed to thrive if the new homeowners are worried about being black thumbs).

I think we did pretty well considering the amount of gravel. We expanded to the true property line. We set up proper mulch donuts on the two young oak trees. We placed fresh sod down in the right-of-way and along the side of the house.

With pavers we set up a paver/gravel entrance from the street, created a short walkway from driveway to side steps, and laid a line of pavers to distinguish the driveway from the rest of the yard.


East End


Came out pretty fresh compared to before! The wagon was there when we came back for “after” photos. It’s cute and dilapidated so I’m keeping the picture. You’re still loved, little wagon. House handsomely rebuilt by and on sale now through Refuge Real Estate here in Houston, TX.