Succulent planter boxes for wine bar

Succulent boxes v.1.0 (delivered March 2014, scroll down to see the newest build…)  

I made these succulent/cacti planter boxes for a wine bar on Westheimer, Camerata. It’s an absolutely lovely place and the wine – they really know what they’re doing.

The bases are filled with a rough gravel that I could slope down towards a drain, then topped with a plastic liner before adding the cactus soil mix. Boxes have a tendency to hold moisture at the corners and can rot out pretty quickly if you let them. The base is a 2×8 pine board with metal conduit legs (easily the most expensive of all materials). Camerata had just cleared out their wine boxes so these came from Spec’s for $10/piece (while hoping I wasn’t being a total novice and picking boxes from crap wines.) I got the odd accessories from the Texas Art Asylum – every crafter/maker should visit this place at least once.

They’re crowded, yes, but I loved it. In the year since I set these up a few of them have died and the rest have filled in so nicely. The maintenance is as minimal as I designed it to be: they water once in a blue moon, and I occasionally prune a couple of pieces over a glass of great wine.

Succulent boxes v.2.0 (delivered June 2015) … more info soon.