Limestone Scrap Patio

We had a lot of limestone scraps from one big project, then built a walkway, then built this patio with the scraps of those scraps. This could’ve been landfilled or ground into a road base material, but instead it’s a sort of mosaic. I love how it came out.

The square pavers on the edges were there before, and they made a great solid border to contain the limestone scraps. The limestone originally came from a quarry in Georgetown, TX, and the colors are a mix of champagne, charcoal gray, caramel, and chocolate.

It was definitely a puzzle to assemble. I’m glad I had help that enjoyed the process of meticulously sorting through the pieces and jamming them into place. I like the walkway of the alternating, slender triangles, and the mashup of pieces where patio furniture will eventually be. I could stare past my feet for hours out here.

We had leftover DG (decomposed granite) and two bags of cement mix were rained on a few weeks earlier. It had already cured, so what we had left was a crappy dusty gravel, and a few large chunks to break up with a sledgehammer. We mixed this with the DG for our joint filler, just to put it to use. Worked like a charm.

The DG initially stains the stone a nice terra cotta color; this washes away. It also settles, leaving gaps between the joints, but spraying the whole thing down with a water hose or waiting through a few rains will settle it for a permanent fill. You can add more where it has opened a gap from settling below the stone. No messy polymeric sand or mortar that would definitely crack over time between such a soft stone with so many weird angles.

We finished this in 3 hours… I’m not sure how it went by so fast. Well, it’s safe to say it was a seriously fun activity – in a comforting, OCD kind of way.